Raregram is the First Social Cross Platform NFT & DeFi Ecosytem.

Create, sell, share or collect digital items right from your mobile device, tokenize it just with one click. Bringing NFT & DeFi to everyone.

Raregram is the first social cross-platform for the NFT & DeFi ecosystem. With just one click, you can make, sell, share, or collect digital objects right from your mobile device and tokenize them. It’s a simple and user-friendly NFT marketplace. This platform does not require any programming knowledge to participate. When you use $RGM token , you get a discount on all platform fees, including exchange fees, auction fees, and listing fees.

Platform’s mobile wallet allows you to keep all of your coins, tokens, and collectibles in one place. You have the choice of selecting from a variety of financial products tailored to your specific needs. Users may also stake different tokens on Raregram Pool. You will get the best return by staking $RGM token.

Major Problem of NFT & DeFi platforms is that they are too complicated! We will make it simple for everybody 🤗

Raregram Ecosystem

NFTs is one of the sectors that has been predicted to accelerate further DeFi adoption and expand its use cases in the future (NFT). The union of NFTs and DeFi is a significant partnership that has the potential to increase DeFi adoption as well as cryptocurrency adoption in general. In the DeFi ecosystem, tokenization can make things more interesting. There are many areas where NFTs excel


The Raregram platform is one of the platforms that use NFTs to build a whole new breed of collectibles. Conventional collectors’ items such as baseball cards, coins, and stamps must be updated to fit with the 21st century’s trend as a result of the advent of NFTs.


The integration of NFTs and DeFi into the gaming industry has made gaming both lucrative and enjoyable. Users can monetize their efforts by creating rare pieces. Raregram is an excellent example of a network that combines both NFTs and DeFi. Users can use the platform to create, trade, explore and earn money


Copyright protection is one of the most difficult issues that artists face. It is difficult for talented artists and other creators to make a living as a result of this. This is something that NFTs can help with. With blockchain providing proof of ownership, tokenized arts or other inventions can be purchased and proudly displayed in a virtual space. This implies that the developers of these works receive a larger share of the profits, as well as a percentage of the remaining profit from potential sales.
You can easily build NFT, set a price, and start earning with Raregram. We anticipate the day when NFTs will be used as collateral for loans in DeFi platforms, as they continue to find applications in various DeFi sectors.

While this application of NFTs is still in its early stages, many real-world properties will be tokenized in the future, with NFTs acting as a certificate of legitimacy to show who is the true owner. Raregram team is working hard on a product development to bring this technology to you.





Raregram is the First Mobile Cross Platform NFT & DeFi Ecosytem